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Four best aquarium pet fishes to adopt :

1 . Arowana :

Arowana is also treated as  “Vastu Fish” which brings wealth and joy . Arowana’s are available in different type and grades like , Silver Arowana, Golden Pearl Arowana, Albino Arowana, Banjara Red,Golden Cross Back,Electric Blue Base,Chilli Red Arowana,Platinum Green,Red Tail Gold etc .Cost also differs from grade to grade. Arowana’s grow very fast and live longer than 8 years if you maintain it properly. Arowana’s are very actives and aggressive fish in nature. Their eating habit also very picky .

Pros : Very attractive,joyful, reactive fish ,Grows fast,live long.

Cons : Initial buying cost,Cost involved in maintaining the fish is high including food cost, bigger size tank since it grows in length , feeding live food etc.

Recommendation: Recommended to those hobbyist who are having experience in adopting the aquarium fish.For beginners it will be little difficult.

2. Oscar

Oscar are very active and aggressive fishes .Oscars are available in different types like Tiger Oscar, Albino Oscar, Copper Oscar ,Veil tail Oscar etc  . Oscar can live up to 8 years if you maintain it properly.Baby Oscar are very active and likes more food in a day. When it become adult, food intake will be less .Oscar also very responsive fishes and identify the owner who gives the food daily. Oscar are very easy to maintain because it is very hard fish and can adjust if the water condition is not so good. Mature Oscar can live without food more than a month. You can train Oscar to live with other fishes from the beginning ,but if you introduce the companion later stage Oscar will attack them.

Pros : Available for competitive price,Hard Fish, Grows fast,reactive fish,Easy to maintain,live long .

Cons : When it reaches the maximum age it does not look so beautiful.

Recommendation: Highly recommended for beginners .

3. Flowerhorn

Flowerhorn is also called as ‘Vastu Fish’ which will bring wealth and Joy.Flowerhorns available in different grades  like  King Kampa,Thai Silk,Kamfa,Golden Base,Golden Monkey etc . Flowerhorns are very active and reactive fishes which you can train as you want. Flowerhorns can live 4 to 5 years if you maintain it properly .It grown very fast from baby to adult and growth slowdown when it reached adult stage. It is recommended to keep flowerhorn alone in the tank. Food is also very important .Quality of the food decides the color and health of the flowerhorn.

Pros: Very Beautiful ,Active ,playful and reactive fish.

Cons: Flowerhorn are very sensitive in nature ,need proper water condition , temperature and oxygen circulation and periodic water change .

Recommendation: Recommended to those hobbyist who are having experience in adopting the aquarium fish.For beginners it will be little difficult.

4. Parrot Fish

Parrot Fish are very active and colorful fishes .Parrot fishes are available in different colours like Blood Parrot,Yellow Parrot etc. Parrot Fishes can live up to 3 to 4 years if you maintain it properly. Parrot fishes also very reactive fishes and growth is slow .Parrot fishes can be kept with any other soft fishes. Quality of the food is very important ,based on the quality of the food its colour will become more attractive and shape will also become very good. Parrot fish can be artificially colored with tatoo.

Pros: Very Beautiful ,Active ,playful and reactive fish,easy to maintain and initial investment is less.

Cons: Life is not very long, growth is slow .

Recommendation: Recommended for beginners .

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Four Points to Considered While Adopting the Fish

Almost every pet lovers wants to adopt the aquarium fish and make home filled with joy !

Let us list down few basic pointers which may be useful for you in adopting the aquarium fish successfully.

1. Choose your Budget: After firming up your decision to adopt a fish and aquarium ,you should first choose your budget and set a limit. If you are looking for a large category fish to be adopted now or near future, buy a good aquarium with length more than 2 feet. Decent aquarium made of simple glass are available in majority of the aquarium shops with competitive price.

2. Select your Fish: I wouldsuggest for beginners to select little hard fish like Oscar, Parrot Fish which can live in hard water also.

3.Setup your Aquarium: Setup the aquarium with good water, preferably recycle the water for nearly minimum 15 days before leaving the fish into the tank. Buy oxygen pump , heater and run complete 15 days.

4.Selecting the Food: Select good quality food which is suitable for your fish. Pallet food like Hikari ,Tetra brand are good for the fish to maintain the its health. These brand food are easily available in Amazon, Flipkart etc.

Hope this article was somewhat useful, specially for beginners in aquarium fish keeping.

If you have any queries you can post and we will try to help it out.

Happy pet fish keeping !

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